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RAGATOOTIE is a CFA registered cattery located in Central Florida.  We are a small closed in-home cattery dedicated to the Ragdoll Breed. Our priority is continuing to maintain excellence in health, type and temperament.  This is a hobby for us and we have been showing and breeding since 2007.

In general, the Ragdoll is a beautiful and very laid back cat that is well balanced with no extreme features. They are slow maturing, reaching full coat and color at about 3-4 years of age. They are an affectionate and intelligent cat giving the impression of graceful movement and subdued power, striking in appearance. Each one will have its own distinct personality, likes and dis-likes. They have dog like qualities, like meeting you at the door when you come home and following you from room to room, and some may even play toss or fetch.

Most of my cats came from Rebecca Wixson Villalona of Raggledazzle.  She closed her cattery spring of 2011 to persue other dreams in her life.  She has been a good friend and I will miss her at the shows.  As always, best wishes to you Rebecca!

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